City of St. Louis Building Energy Scorecard

2019 Benchmarking Results

St. Louis Community College - Forest Park
5600 Oakland Avenue

Your Building Energy Use Compared to Similar Buildings in the City of St. Louis:

This chart shows how much energy your building used onsite in recent years, measured in terms of site energy use intensity (EUI, or energy usage per square foot of building area). Your building’s site EUI is shown in comparison to the local median site EUI for properties of the same type.

A 10% reduction in energy use could save:


Estimated savings reflect changes in electricity and natural gas use only. Cost calculations assume $0.04 per kWh electricity and $0.13 per therm natural gas (based on large general service rates from Ameren and Spire). Carbon calculations use emission factors from EPA’s eGRID SRMW subregion (electricity) and EIA (natural gas).

Visit for more information about benchmarking, the Building Energy Performance Standard or resources on saving energy, and financial resources to support building energy improvements, including rebates, incentives and financing opportunities offered by partners.